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2020-01-01 12:00 pm

friends (and acquaintances) only

I have contributed to the death of Livejournal by initiating a total lock-down policy on this journal (or FREINDS ONLY!!!!!1 as so many Livejournal teenagers/goths put it).

Naturally this policy will make you think I'm writing something of enormous interest for the benefit of those who have passed the stringent access criteria, and therefore you will want to join in yourself to see what all the quiet lack of fuss is about. If so, please do comment below (comments are screened and are limited to registered users, to thwart J-spammers). After I review your information you may well be welcomed into the golden and opulent world that is this journal. Lucky you.

(This is a sticky post that will always appear at the top of my journal. If you're logged in and can see anything below it, you're already part of the fold.)